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The Theory of Economics

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Scarcity Theory: How Acknowledging Our Scarce Parts Can Lead to Abundance

The more scarce something is, the more valuable it becomes to us." This is the basic principle of economics, and it applies to more than just money.

As humans, we are inherently programmed to move away from discomfort and pain towards ease and pleasure, away from scarcity towards abundance.

In our society we invest a lot of energy in pursuing abundance in all areas of our lives - finances, physical and mental health, relationships, and spirituality.

Over centuries, we came to acknowledge the powers of mantras, prayers, and plethora of methods to elevate our energetic vibrations, empower our thoughts, release of 'feel good' hormones resulting in a sense of good mood and perhaps altered consciousness. These are important resources.

But what about the parts of ourselves that feel lacking, not enough, inadequate, or deficient? We often avoid these scarce parts, and perhaps jump over them, ignore them, minimize them, or get absorbed by them. Feeling any lack in ourselves is painful.

Scarcity means "deficient in quantity or number compared with the demand, not plentiful or abundant." It is the foundation of economic theory, but can we apply the same theory to our inner body economics?

What if we paid attention to the scares parts of ourselves and acknowledged our fears and feelings of lack? Would this approach reap the most value in our inner economics approach?

Abundance represents wholeness, while scarcity, fear, and lack of safety represent separation and trauma. Trauma is our inner bodily response to an event, and post-trauma can lead to recurring physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual responses that affect our lives.

And so If we want to move towards flowing abundance, we must include our scarce parts and invest in healing them. We must alchemize our coals of scarcity to valued diamonds and move from scarcity to a sense of safety. Fundamentally, scarcity is a fear, a sense of lack, of self-love and worthiness.

My own journey is teaching me ‘to include every bit of myself ‘; the good, the bad and the ugly as they unfold.

When I bring home more parts of myself , when I become more whole, I feel closer to myself and to the world.

Acknowledging our scars and marginalised parts can lead to new possibilities for healing and growth. When we become more whole, we align with abundance and affect the past, present, and future. By healing and integrating all parts of ourselves, we contribute to healing the world.

Wisdom is the growing ability to accommodate more of the world in ourselves. Thomas Hübl

As we learn together, each one to accommodate more of the world in ourselves, to feel, integrate and allow life to move through us, we also learn to accommodate all vibrations of life, both the ones we call higher consciousness such as abundance but also the different layers and nuances of vibrations such as scarcity.

All vibrations are life, and there is nothing outside of life, outside of the Divine, it is all parts of the OneBody.

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