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OneBody Facilitating Safety
Healing Opportunities

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World Crises as a Call of Love

What inner environment may fosters resilience in facing global crises?


Why are crises a call to wake up, a call of love?


How can we meet horrific disasters with compassion?


What are the gifts under the rubble?

In this experiential webinar we will explore these questions.

We will connect to resources and our true and faithful allies. 


Join me in this free webinar.



As Global citizens, bearing witness to the horror of wars and the layers of complexities cultivates inner space not only in the individual or group but also in the collective. 

The practice of witnessing with the intention to meet what we meet with our open heart, with conscious awareness holds the gifts of beauty, healing, transformation and change. 

Join me and friends in this light holding space

Healing Connections

Learning & Healing Group

Support Group Circle

If Trauma roots are in separation. 

Healing is deeply rotten in connection, 

This course is both online and a 1 time retreat in  Greece. 

Over the spread of 6 month we will meet for 

12 online modules and an unperson retreat in Greece. 

We will practice and grow our body competencies for self healing

Healing in collective

Spirituality as a resource for healing and growth.

Process work

Intimate groups. 

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Stillness & Movement two essential principals that co exist and are building blocks elements of the DNA of life. In this workshop we will explore their relation and the many ways in which they support and resource our healing and development. Two side of the same coin. We can learn how relating to them become transformative practices. 

Next Date to be announced 


From Avoiding Difficulties To Embracing Them

Crises, disruptions, and difficulties meet us throughout our lives.

Denial, moving away, and avoiding them will keep us stagnant. Instead, we must view them as opportunities.

OneBody core principles are Relationality, Process, Movement, and Space,


Through this embodied approach, we aim to cultivate a direct experience learning  that supports inner healing, change and growth.

Why be alone when we can feel together?

Healing Journeys 
Individual, Couples, Groups Retreats In Greece

Image by George Girnas

I welcome you to Abundita Healing centre. 

A tailored made retreat for your individual needs .


Suitable for Individual, couples or groups.

Immerse yourself in abundance.

Allowing nature, earth, sea, spaciousness, and my guide to support your healing and development.

We take it at your tempo and deeply listen to your own needs.

Learning and healing


Re-root - Re-Source - Re-connect

Trauma Healing

Psychedelic friendly

Group Process

Screenshot 2023-04-09 at 10.34.19.png

Individually and collectively as a nation, when confronted with our most formidable challenges, we often encounter our shadows. The past, present, and future unfold before us.

I extend an invitation to join me on Holocaust Memorial Day evening to confront the shadows that trail behind us, lie ahead, and reside within us. Let us illuminate the past, present, and future.

Next Date : 5/5/2024 20:30 Jerusalem 

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