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OneBody Approach

 From Avoiding Difficulties To Embracing Them

"Crises, disruptions, and difficulties meet us throughout our lives as individuals, communities, and organisations. Denial, moving away, and avoiding them will keep us stagnant. Instead, we must view them as opportunities."


Presence Attunement  & Coherence for Personal and Collective

Safety, Resilience and Resourcing

OneBody is a holistic integrative  approach that focuses on attunement and coherence to facilitate personal and collective safety, through trauma-informed practices, awareness-based social technologies, and leadership models.

The approach recognises 5  embodiment layers ( Cognitive, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Energetics of the body) that needs a parallel attention in order to cultivate healthy relations, integration, resilience, a sense of safety and belonging,

well-being within ourselves and the world.

OneBody core principles are Relationality, Process, Movement, and Space,


Through this embodied approach, we aim to cultivate a direct experience learning that supports inner and outer system change and growth.

The approach in its essence is fractal and therefore suitable for personal, group and organisational work.

Facilitating Safety
Groups & Organisations

Every organisation is an organism and every organism has an organising principle.

Our world is growing in its complexity, and presents us with challenges as individuals, organisations, and communities. 


Often, we try to face this growing complexity through a mindset that is shadowed by our past. 


Where there is a rip, there is an opening for something new to emerge.


We challenge the solid, top-down working structures and begin to restore and regain a sense of safety in the individual’s body, as well as the organisation’s.

We aim to open and co create safe spaces that allows us to cultivate listening, leadership and collaboration.

Working with various, advanced tools, such as:

Theory U, Progressive governance structures, and

Trauma-informed leadership. We learn through embodiment practices to meet ourselves and the world. 

We work to regain a sense of safety and trust, belonging and purpose.


This work is suitable for any size group or organisation that wishes to embody and change the inner consciousness and its culture. Moving towards a world that considers others and includes the whole.

We come together to co-create a future that is more holistic, equitable, diverse and sustainable with the resilience needed to move forward.​

To discuss further please book a free call with me here 

Facilitating Safety

It is already proven that in times of crises and difficulty, our sense of aloneness increases. This is often very painful and traumatic.


We are used to searching for rational solutions from a mindset that is shadowed by our past.​

Adopting the One Body approach, we journey back into the body, As well as conversation, we explore various meditation practices, somatic work: light movement, breathing exercises, and more.


The approach works directly with the nervous system, regulation practices, and healing through the energetics of the body. Spiritual insights guide, inspire and are the heart of our practice.

Gently and respectfully, we begin to melt the ice under the surface, to restore movement and flow. To regain a sense of safety in our inner experience and in the world.

Sessions are either 60 or 75 minutes and can be held either via Zoom or in-person. You may book a one-time session or engage in a longer process, I then recommend three introductory sessions to get to know each other and the approach. 

Why be alone when we can feel together?

To book a session with me or for further inquiries contact me 

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