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Idit Rose

Idit Rose is a facilitator and healer who supports individuals, groups, and organisations to cultivate a sense of safety, resilience, and leadership.

Idit is a certified conscious movement and mindfulness teacher, A Sociocracy coach,,a trauma informed group facilitator and healer. as well as a gardener and a mother.

The name Idit in Hebrew, means fertile soil. 

“Idit is a name that I keep growing into. It became my personal journey to heal, cultivate and nurture my own body soil. To find safety in my inner home and in the world”

Her MISSION AND PURPOSE is to heal, nurture and cultivate the soil of our inner and outer earth. Individually and collectively to move from a sense of scarcity towards a sense of safety, sustainability and wholeness. 

 [You may read more Here about emotional safety.​]

Her passion for co-creating safe, ecological, and sustainable systems stems from her upbringing in Israel post-World War II, where she grew up in the kibbutz system.

"Ever since I can remember, I felt the undercurrents of unspoken material that were part of the kibbutz community and the atmosphere in Israel. Though I was too young to articulate it, I sensed the overwhelm, fear, pain, aggression and scarcity. I saw and felt the divide that existed in society and felt it within myself. I yearned for wholeness, which I recognized as love, but I perceived the world around me as hostile and hard. In the name of God, people committed horrible acts against 'others.' Wars, shelters, army service, loud speech, discrimination, racism, and propaganda were too much to bear. Body holds such strong memories, to this date I remember the moment I stood and felt in all my bones the need to find  different systemic structures that support love, connection, kindness, care, and responsibility. My own journey to finding wholeness in myself, and healing the fragmentation in me and the collective became the drive in my work and offerings to the world.”

The name OneBody came to her in a vision whilst living in Greece with the land. Understanding the fundamental interconnected , interdependence and relational dynamics that co-exist. 

Seed - Soil - Society - moving, breathing, beating as OneBody

Individual - collective - societal system healing is behind OneBody approach.

In order to regenerate a sense of safety, to strengthen resilience, and grow leadership, we are required to heal our relational capacities. To own responsibility and relate to our inner culture, the architecture of our body - mind - soul structures, befriending and tending to our inner gardens with inclusivity, compassion and care”

To achieve this, she founded the OneBody approach, which uses embodiment practices,  trauma-informed practices, Theory U as well as sociocracy which she has been working with for over a decade. 

As a facilitator and healer, Idit Rose brings a wealth of embodied knowledge and experience to help others grow and flourish in a safe and nurturing environment.

“Together, we can create a better future for ourselves and for the world around us”


My fields of expertise:

My Learning Communities

I am grateful for the privilege of learning and working with so many great teachers, mentors, colleagues and friends. Below are my main practices and work. I also like to mention here Suprapto Suryodarmo (Prapto) from Amerta Movement, Helen McEntee Healer  and Mentor and my 3 children. 


Thomas Hübl

Thomas is a  renowned teacher, author, and international facilitator whose lifelong work integrates the core insights of the great wisdom traditions, mysticism, science as well as Personal. ancestral and collective Trauma, 

I study and practice with Thomas Hübl since 2014. I completed the TWT program, and currently on the  Collective Trauma Facilitation certificate.. I also train with the Pocket Project.

Read more

Copy of SoFA Logo Blue_edited.jpg

Sociocracy For All

SoFA is an organisation dedicated to promote Sociocracy. It is a set of tools and principals for groups and organisation for self governance. 

I am fully certified facilitator and work to implement sociocracy in organisations through an embodied practice.

Click below to watch a conversation I facilitated Governance and Self Presence

openfloorLogoBlueBox_web 1.jpg

Open Floor International

Open floor is a dance and mindful movement practice for personal healing, professional growth, and community building. 

I am a certified Open floor Teacher since 2016.

Dance and movement are a resource for me, as well as a way to relate to myself and to the world. 

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International Conscious Movement Teachers Association

The ICMTA is an international professional network of qualified movement teachers from different schools who offer dance and movement practice as a path to freedom, connection and wholeness. 

I have been working and learning with the ICMTA since 2015. I serve as the Co-Chair of the Board. 


Otto Scharmer Theory U

Otto Scharmer is a Senior Lecturer in the MIT/ Co-founder of the Presencing Institute and the u-school for Transformation.

He is the author of Theory U: which  is a framework for leadership and organisational change that involves sensing, presencing, and realizing a future possibility.

I completed the U Labs and use the tools and theory in my work with individuals and organisation.

nature healing shamanism

Nature Greek Land

My Greek home, where I spent 15 years living with the land, the elements, the living magical creatures, and my family, was the beginning of deep healing and restoration. It led me to rediscover myself as a spiritual being. I bow to life, the land, the sea, and all living creatures that have supported , touched  me so profoundly.

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