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What is the connection between Trauma Healing and a Gold Chain?

Until yesterday, I had no idea there was one.

My sweet daughter, just before leaving, wanted to wear the gold necklace she received for her Bat Mitzvah from her grandmother.

The delicate chain was tangled in a knot with no apparent beginning or end.

"Mom, I have 10 minutes, and you will never be able to untangle it. Even I can't see where to start," she said.

I replied, "Bring it to me. I love untangling knots like that. (I've always enjoyed to untwine things.)"

I sat down; the sun had set, and there was little light, it was quite dark.

The chain was so delicate and small, requiring patience, respect, and time.

The work began...

Relating to the situation

Opening space...

Allowing the density and compressions that is

Gently, gently encouraging relaxation

Adding breath

Tuning into each other—I to the chain, and she to me

Feeling her, feeling me, knowing her, and her knowing my ways

Building Safety and appropriate rhythm

Embracing curiosity and wonder.

And for a moment, it seemed too much,

A breath of panic

Relaxing and softening further

And then, the loosening of the knot began

Like magic, one step led to the next,

And then another

With moments of rest in between

And finally, the big release

A movement that was stuck found its way back on track

Returning to its original state.

This healing process, is much a like.

It's true that a chain is just a chain, and as human beings, our souls are undoubtedly more complex. But the path is the same.

Relaxation around the holding and softening

Embracing simplicity, patience, and compassion

Understanding relationality, attunement and coherance

Prayer and wonder

Restoring a stuck movement to its essence, its original state.

This is the healing process that I know and share with the world.

I invite you to a simple, profound, and elegant healing processes with me.

Like a gold chain, with a sparkling diamond, we too are beings of light with a glowing heart. Each and every one of us can heal and restore movement.

When I read these written words to my daughter, she added, with her ancient wisdom, that both trauma healing and gold are in fact the same, both embody high frequencies and love.

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