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Inspirational~ Reciprocal Rhythm~ by Toni Spencer

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

There is a reciprocal rhythm. A flow between things.

A velocity of reciprocity that builds a village, builds

a dream, builds the world.

For we are kin and kin means I need

you, and you need me. And the sun.

And the water. And the soil

born of things long dead.

Most of us grew up in little boxes. Little boxes

made of ticky-tacky. My house.

Your house. My plate. Your plate.

In the desert, there is one plate at dinner. One plate

where we all tuck in, fingers first, food for all.

I want that.

I want you to ask me for stuff.

I want you to ask because asking is

the kind of boldness we need.

Tell me what you want and I come

a little closer to you, and we dance.

It’s not the yes or the no, but the asking

that rocks the world to this rhythm.

And the ticky-tacky begins to crumble, walls fall

and we need each other all the more.

There is a reciprocal rhythm. Let me

give you things. Don’t hold back

your receiving, because it leaves us both

bereft of the kinship that ties us, reminds

us of our entwined-ness as ecological beings.

I cannot. No. I will not survive without you.

OK yes, some kind of half living but

not the kind I’m worthy of.

Not the kind you’re worthy of. And not

the kind they are worthy of.

Help me, not to fix but to fill the heart. Not to trade but to

till the soil of inter-being that is all there has ever been.

There is a reciprocal rhythm and it’s not in 4-4 for it

doesn’t follow straight lines. It’s a wild rhythm where

I help you and you help her and she gets to stop and he

gives all he has for love.

There is a reciprocal rhythm and it’s not in 4-4.

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