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Facilitating Safety
From Life's Transitions to
Life's Delights 

My name is Idit Rose. In Hebrew, ‘Idit’ means fertile soil. 

Growing up in a kibbutz, post-WW2, finding  a sense of safety in the soil was highly challenging. Later on in life, it has become my journey. 

I support individuals and organisations to heal, nurture, cultivate and regenerate their sense of safety through facilitation. Every crisis, big or small, has the potential to ignite a life based on emotional and soulful safety. 

A Sense of Safety
The Blog

From Scarcity to Safety

Welcome to my blog.

Here you will find articles, tools, tips, inspiration, and resources about regaining and regenerating a sense of safety, healing trauma and so much more.

Life Transitions

Life transitions, and other life crises that pull the carpet out from under our feet can turn into a fertile soil. Cultivating our ground creating a new earth for ourselves to walk on, to lead and to thrive.

We learn how to

live well and leave well.

Healing Our Nervous System

When we talk about safety and healing, we talk about the language of the nervous system. An elegant form of healing on the way to regaining clarity, coherence and connection which will affect the way we experience the world and participate in it.


How to live well with Menopause?

How we may begin to safely navigate the hormonal changes while tending to our vitality and inner purpose in the midst of this transitional period in our lives.

Ageing with grace and agency.

How can I help?

OneBody is an ensemble of over 20 years of study, research and healing.

We work together, healing from the inside out. The work results in a personal systematic change, enhanced self-confidence, and reinforced communication skills among teams and individuals. 


Learning to listen to the language of the body, emotions and the nervous system enables the movement towards regaining and regenerating a sense of safety. This allows you to walk this earth with a deep sense of belonging, purpose, leadership, and freedom in relational dynamics with yourself, others, and the world. 

Values I stand for


Inclusion & Diversity

Safety &




Sensing &


Seed - Soil



"I came to this process with a desire to connect with my emotions, past experiences of violence, and birth trauma. Working with my pain was beneficial and helped me release my blockages. I received the answers I needed, and I felt that Idit could hold and support the content that arose. I felt safe and protected. I left every session with a sense

of competence and optimism."

- Moira

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